Pain-Free Movement Specialist - Level 1

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The Pain-Free Movement Specialist is the only curriculum currently available for fitness pros to learn the science and strategies for working with this extensive population. We are accepting new candidates for a very limited time.

This curriculum has been specifically designed for those who understand that personal fulfillment comes from servicing those in need, but may not have the proper insights and tools to work with those in pain.

Throughout each module, the principles, strategies and tools behind the Function First Approach are revealed in extensive detail. The purpose behind this online environment is to offer a comprehensive platform and reveal the powerful elements behind what makes the Function First Approach so effective.

Through this deep and immersive program you will discover that the critical forces behind Corrective Exercise prosperity lies in understanding the interdependencies of the body as it functions as a whole.

Join us as we elaborately shed insight on how seemingly microscopic changes through implementing decisive corrective exercises can create profound improvements in your clients, patients and athletes’ lives.

Our mission is to provide you, the movement or manual practitioner, the Corrective Exercise intelligence and movement based strategies for creating lasting change.


Course materials include streaming video and PDF downloads.  Hard copies of the following products are shipped:

·The Pain-Free Program:  A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder and Joint Pain (book)

·Corrective Exercises for Powerful Change (DVD)

·Corrective Exercises for Powerful Change II (DVD)


We understand past students may already possess some of these materials.  If you do, you may use the following coupon codes for discounts on your registration:

-FFBook10 (book)



*Please note that the content on these materials is critical to the curriculum.  Attempting to complete the course without these materials will interfere with your learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

This curriculum consists of an engaging combination of differing formats. Total course time is approximately 14 hours, with content taken from:

• Newly recorded video
• Live conference presentation recordings
• DVDs
• The Pain-Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Joint Pain
• Supplemental PDFs

What you'll learn throughout this curriculum provides the foundational background knowledge necessary to attend our live events, which will further enhance your programming and skill set as you work towards Function First Mastery.



Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics: A Unified ViewCourse(Required)
Motor Control & Motor Learning PrinciplesCourse(Required)
Fundamentals of Stability & MobilityCourse(Required)
The Function First Approach & The Client In PainCourse(Required)
The Function First Approach to Movement AssessmentsCourse(Required)
The Function First Approach Programming EssentialsCourse(Required)